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'God of Mercy', by Justyna Ponulak, is a new flagship project of Abba Father Institute. The music album takes the listeners on a journey of the heart, to experience the tender and caring love of Our Heavenly Father. The album is about discovering our sonship and daughtership of the Most High King. It is about the healing power that is given to us in the name of Jesus Christ to free us from the bonds of sin.
The album features songs, instrumentals and guided reflec-tions on the Word of God. With truly inspired lyrics and music style, each song engages listeners immediately, inviting them to praise and worship, and bringing them to the very presence of God.

'God of Mercy' Music Album

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"God of Mercy" is not only a music album. It is a spiritual retreat on CD.
Now, we would like to expand this experience to a series of live
events with prayer and music. Through these events we would like to help the participants to: experience more presence and love of God; discover God's purpose for their lives; receive healing and blessing from the Heavenly Father.
Please, check the 'Events' section on our website for more details on the upcoming events.


Unbound Ministry empowers Christians to take hold of the freedom they have been given in Christ. Unbound is a simple, safe and loving prayer model focusing on listening, accepting, loving, and blessing those we serve, by applying the Gospel’s 5 Keys to individual lives and by helping shine light on each person’s true identity in Christ. The Five Keys are: (1) Repentance and Faith, (2) Forgiveness, (3) Renunciation, (4) Authority, and (5) the Father’s Blessing. 
By using the Five Keys in individual prayer sessions and in personal prayer, people experience freedom from the influence of deception and lies, and embrace the reality that they are known and loved by the Father.


This is the time of God's Mercy. While we ponder more this mystery, we want to discover and experience the closeness of Our Heavenly Father.
As we walk through this spiritual journey, we will discover that the Father also longs for a close relationship with us and that He wants to free us from the bonds of pain, suffering and sin.    
Prayer: "Father, there are many things in me that keep me blinded to Your love. I am tired of living with all my pain and my slaveries. Lift the veil from my eyes so that I can see your great love for me, and that I can experience the reality of being your beloved son or daughter."

'Merciful Father' Retreats

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