Time:   December 8th,  8:00pm - 9:00pm Pacific Time

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The meeting has ended. Thank you for joining us.

Here you can watch the recording from the event:

Abba Father Institute is pleased to invite you to a live-streamed online prayer for healing with Fr. Bashobora.

Fr. John Baptist Bashobora is a Charismatic priest known for his prayer, deliverance and healing ministry. Fr. John travels all over the world preaching the Good News, sharing his deep love for Christ with others and delivering the Healing Power of the Holy Spirit to those in need. Our Lord has chosen this humble priest to manifest His great power, as many experience conversions, healing, and deliverance after the prayer meetings with Fr. John.

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Father Bashobora is the founder of the Father Bash Foundation. The foundation is providing housing, schooling & medical care for nearly 20,000 children in Uganda. The great majority of them are orphans whose parents had died in the war or from AIDS. There are also abandoned children or even the infants found on the waste heap. Father Bash had a long time dream of improving the poor quality of health within the local communities in Uganda. In his own words:  “Throughout my lifetime as a priest, I have witnessed children tortured, helpless, abandoned, thrown away due to poverty and thus learnt that it is possible to alleviate the problems of poverty through supporting basic well designed, focused educational programs for the disadvantaged poor to give them a second chance at life.” - Father Bashobora

You can learn more about the Foundation by visiting

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AFFBF is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Charitable Organization registered in Massachusetts, USA. All proceeds go to support The Father Bash Foundation in Uganda. AFFBF is the only organization in the United States authorized by Father John Baptist Bashobora.