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Whether we admit it or not, we all carry wounds - from physical to emotional, to spiritual. Many times, we hide these wounds deep inside and hope we can forget about them. But in truth, what we desire most, is for someone to care for us, to console us, and to heal us.

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There is one more person who desires the same for each of us. He desires for us to be healed, to feel loved, safe, and wanted. He is also the only one who can make it happen. This person is Our Heavenly Father.  It is He, who created us and who, in His Son - Jesus Christ - and through the Holy Spirit, adopted us as His beloved children.


As you read these words now, Our Heavenly Father is extending His arm to you in a blessing. Will you accept His love? Will you let Him embrace you now and heal you? Say, "Yes", to Him and start today off with a deeper sense of being God's beloved son or daughter.


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Jesus came to earth to reveal His Father to us. He died for us to restore our relationship with God the Father so we can have eternal life with Him and the Father in Heaven (John 6:40). Jesus is the only way to the Father (John 14:6). In Him, the Father adopted us as His own children and He sent us the Spirit of His Son in whom we can cry: "Abba! Father!" (Gal 4:6).


The Abba Father Institute wants to share this message with others and to help all of us find freedom, joy and the fulness of life in discovering our dignity of being God's heirs in Jesus Christ and by experiencing Father's gentle and caring love for us.


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Abba Father Institute focuses on the following forms of activity:

  • New Evangelization Events,

  • Talks, Retreats, Conferences,

  • Media Production.


  • Faithfulness and obedience to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

  • Sense of Divine Filiation; the sense of being loved and special to the Holy Trinity.

  • Complete trust in God, the loving and merciful Father.

  • Surrender to God’s holy will and to His wise and loving plans for us.



Filip Ponulak

President &

Chairman of the Board


Justyna Ponulak

Creative Director & Marketing



Bishop Jan Sobilo

Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese

of Kharkov-Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Father Gregory Bramlage 
Founder of the "Missionaries
of the New Evangelization"

Bob Keith, MBA, Entrepreneur,

Vice Provost for Strat.Expansion

Catholic University of America

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