The album 'God of Mercy' is a spiritual retreat on CD. It is an invitation for a journey with the Heavenly Father to discover His gentle, caring love for us. It is a prayer to the Father to heal our wounds and to lift us up from all our worries, miseries and sins, so we can live in more joy and freedom in Him.

The album features songs, instrumentals and guided reflections on the Word of God. With truly inspiring lyrics and beautiful instrumental arrangements, each song quickly engages listeners bringing them to the very presence of the Holy Trinity and inviting them to a very personal conversation with God.

"God of Mercy" guides us through several steps on the journey to discovering the Father's loving heart and His amazing plan for our lives. Each step takes us closer in our relationship with God and leads us to the final step on our journey- the blessing from the Heavenly Father which empowers us to a fuller life in peace and true happiness in Him.


1. Surrender 
2. Repentance
3. Forgiveness
5. Renunciation of Sin and Binding to God
6. Prayer for Healing
7. The Gift of the Holy Spirit
8. God the Father's Blessing

What can you expect to experience while listening to this album?
• Entering into an intimate dialog with God -       

   the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
• Experiencing God's special presence and love
• Discovering His purpose for your life
• Receiving His healing and blessing


Abba Father Institute offers spiritual retreats based on the prayers and the music from the God of Mercy album. 


As we ponder God's mercy, we invite the participants to a spiritual journey to discover and experience the closeness of Our Heavenly Father. He longs for a close relationship with us and wants to free us from the bonds of sin and to heal us from emotional pain and wounds.

Please contact us if you would like to invite Abba Father Institute to your church. 

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Justyna is a composer, songwriter & music producer specializing in Christian contemporary music.


Justyna is also a vocalist and an accomplished violinist with a Master’s degree in violin performance from the elite Ignacy Jan Paderewski University of Music in Poznan, Poland. 


Justyna has participated in numerous music projects, concerts and festivals in Italy, France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia & the USA. Her international music background can be recognized in her compositions, as she draws inspiration for her music from different cultures and sounds from all around the world. 

Eva Seibak
Eva Seibak

Eva had passion for music and singing since the early years of her life. She graduated from the music school with specialty in choir singing and continued to share her talents performing with the youth church choir groups. After moving to San Diego, CA she was actively involved in the music ministry of St. Maximilian Kolbe Roman Catholic Polish Mission. She is one of the vocalists in the 2016 World Youth Day Theme “Blessed Are The Merciful” and “Who am I” (“Kim ja jestem”) music videos.

Briana & Brice Robell
Briana & Brice Robell

Born and raised Catholics in Seattle, Washington, Bri and Brice grew up singing, playing piano, dancing in talent shows and performing together on stage. Bri and Brice are determined to inspire young people by Standing Out But Not Fitting In™—a concert program for schools that features sacred and secular music while giving students tools to make beneficial choices and build bridges between their faith, academics, social realities and dreams.

Tracy Telliard
Tracy Telliard

A native San Diegan, Tracy has spent her life surrounded by music via piano, theatre, and choir. Her passion for liturgical music began at the University of San Diego through involvement in Founders Chapel Choir, where she served as a cantor and student director. Tracy has worked as church musician in San Diego county since 2010, despite working full time in the higher education field. She currently directs the choir at St.Therese of Carmel, San Diego.

Sebastian Konarski
Sebastian Konarski

Sebastian Konarski is a Polish-American actor based in Los Angeles. While growing up in Salem, MA, he began acting in local small productions and the community theater. After taking the lead in a number of short films and student works (Emerson College, Boston University, Northeastern University), he moved his permanent residence to Los Angeles. Sebastian has since demonstrated his abilities in various commercials and continues his theatrical studies with Alice Carter and Evolutionary Artists.

Eva Seibak

Briana & Brice Robell

Tracy Telliard

Sebastian Konarski