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Imagine for a while a quiet, peaceful, and safe place where you could sit down together with God - our Heavenly Father - and where you could tell Him everything that matters to you. A place where you would know for sure that He listens to you and that He is there just for you and because of you.

The album “God of Mercy” is meant to create such a special place for you and the Father to meet. It is an invitation for a journey of the heart to experience the tender and caring love of Our Heavenly Father. It is about discovering our sonship and daughtership of the Most High King, and about the healing power that is given to us in the name of Jesus Christ to free us from the chains of our miseries and the bonds of sin.

As you listen to the album, feel free to use our companion guide where you'll find all the prayers, Scripture, and lyrics of the songs from the God of Mercy album.



  • Introduction to the music album "God of Mercy" - download

  • Companion Guide to the Music Album "God of Mercy" with song lyrics  - download


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